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There Is No Game: Jam 2015 is a puzzle-based game that revolves around you exploring anything that results in virus's spreading.

Game Description

Google Play Game Description

WINNER of the Deception Jam in 2015.

This non-game has not been remade with a new game engine for better performances.

And we haven't included some new enhanced graphics and new voices.

If the game seems too slow, you can switch off the CRT effect in the options to improve the frame rate.

There is no game. There is nothing to do.

Do not tap anywhere. Really. DO NOT TAP ANYWHERE.

Do not laugh as there is nothing to laugh about.

Don't try to touch your mobile screen.

It's at your own risk!!

There is no game !

Steam Game Description

A little game that’s not a game, winner of an old game jam that nobody’s ever heard of. So DON'T INSTALL IT!


At the beginning of the game, the user is faced with a title that says "There Is No Game." First, the user taps around, touching the "o" until it falls off. This angers Game, and he urges the user to try to put it back. The user needs to pick it up and drop it until something falls from the top of the screen and shatters into a volume button. Then the user clicks on the button to mute Game. Game unmutes it. The user continues to do this until Game starts moving the button around. As soon as he begins to do so, the user clicks the volume button once more. After demanding the user to stop, Game covers the mute button with wood in the hopes that the user stops clicking on it. The user uses the fallen "o" to break it by dropping it on the wood. It gets revealed, but before the user is able to do anything, Game covers it in a metal box. The user grabs the metal box and drops it. This causes all the letters to fall down and scatter. Two screws are revealed, and the user click and holds them to unscrew them. This reveals a panel underneath the screws.

After the user unlocks the panel that says "There Is A ____", there are three possible words that the user can make: game, goat, and tree. Once the user inputs all of them and unlocks all three areas, the user plays the game. While the user is playing the game, Game destroys the ball. The user grabs the ball from the left (underneath the score) beside the "x2" and uses that ball to continue playing the game. Once the user wins the game, they grab the trophy and bring it to the area with a goat. There is a waterfall near the cage. The user fills the trophy with water by placing it underneath the waterfall and bringing it back to the tree. The user drops it on the tree and the tree grows a bit. They do this repeatedly until the tree grows to its full height. A squirrel grabs the key that the user needs in order to free the goat, and the user cracks the nut for the squirrel, which is found at the side of the tree. The user clicks on the nut until it falls down, then uses the metal box which Game had used to cover up the mute button to crack it. The user drops the metal box on the nut, then give it to the squirrel. The squirrel drops they key. The user has to use the key to free the goat, but the glitches start taking over and everything disappears. Game blames himself for everything and asks for the user's forgiveness. Yes or no, whichever the user chooses determines the ending.


There is only two endings, an ending where the User don't forgive Game, and an ending where Game is forgiven.

Ending 1 (Game is Forgiven)

This ending is the calmest ending in the game, but the words "THERE IS NO GAME" is yelled at the User at the end.

Ending 2 (Game is not Forgiven)

This ending is more brief. Game simply tells the User to "Go to hell."


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