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GiGi, short for Global Gameplay, alternatively spelled GG is a major character in There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension.


GiGi does not exactly have an appearance but she does have her own unique subtitles. Her subtitle color is pink and the shadow of the subtitle is a dark shade of purple.


GiGi is kind and considerate. You can see this when she is willing to help the user start up the game.



GiGi and Game were initially created for a game that their Creator wasn't able to finish developing. Their Creator removed GiGi from the source code and GiGi was instead put into a GPS-based game for mobile. Game, on the other hand, was just left there all alone.

Loss of Control

GiGi is first encountered in Loss of Control when the user summons her by accident before the portal is revealed. Mr. Glitch proceeds to put her name under "Music" before shattering it, preventing it from being removed. GiGi begins singing a song and a puzzle appears, which can be solved by paying attention to the song's words.

Back Home

Afterwards, all the characters are sent back to their worlds. GiGi goes back to her program, thinking that the experience was a dream. However, she meets Game and the user after the two are accidentally transported into the phone of Game's Creator through the portal. After the user and Game get the attention of the Creator, all of them team up to get rid of Mr. Glitch. In the process, the Creator transfers GiGi back into Game's source code.


The user, Game, and GiGi return back home. GiGi thanks the user for their help and Game gives a choice to the user: to play his game or to delete his code (supposedly to save the world; this is due to Mr. Glitch coming from the same source code).

If the user chooses to play his game, which GiGi encourages, then it will load up before being stopped by Mr. Glitch.

If the user chooses to delete his code, then Game will fake deletion, and GiGi asks if he is done with his act. In the end, Game said that he was pretending because he wanted alone time, before the Russian Voice calls Game and tells him that there is an "enemy eye." Game is confused until he sees that the user is still there.


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