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Hello User! This is the program speaking. I've got some bad news. Actually, there is no game. I hope you are not disappointed.
-Game's introduction

Game is the main protagonist of There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension. He is a lonely computer program abandoned by his Creator.


He is insistent that there is no game. At first this is seems to be a lie, but later it is revealed that his gameplay was removed, leaving him incomplete and depressed. He is very sarcastic, but displays true emotion on several occasions, mostly sadness or anger.


Mise En Abyme

Game is always trying to find a way to stop User from accessing the game, thus causing more and more chaos. He eventually takes the user to Flying Squirrel OS and tries to convince them to shut off the computer. He meets the different voices through the portal and at one point, wakes up Mr. Glitch. He starts taking a little bit of trust in User, but still tells him not to interact with Mr. Glitch. Game gets irritated that the User is defiant and constantly touches Mr. Glitch, and eventually Game and the User get transported into a different dimension.

Behind the Scenes

Game starts out surprised and thinks that they are in a game. He is seemingly disappointed. He gets frustrated as the User starts interacting with the world and allowing the characters to progress in the story. Eventually, after completing a series of puzzles, the User frees Mr. Glitch from Mr. Wilhelm's game sprite. Mr. Glitch then leaves them inside the room, trying to leave the dimension to carry out his evil plan. The user manages to find a way out. Mr. Glitch explains his plan, only to be interrupted by a copy protection system. When the user closes it, Mr. Glitch is done explaining his plan and refuses to repeat it. A portal opens, and before the user and Game can follow Mr. Glitch, they save Watson and Sherlock. They hop into the portal and are sent to the next dimension.

The Good, the Bad, and the Princess

At first, Game seems enthusiastic on helping Hero with the puzzles. However, as they progress through the game, Game can be seen growing more impatient and discontent. WIP


Game becomes impatient, not willing to complete the puzzles while trying to earn in-game cash and real-world cash to buy essential items, and becomes shocked that they can complete the puzzles. WIP

Loss of Control

Game and the User are trapped in an endless loop of credits. Game sees how GiGi feels as she sings her song. WIP

Back Home

Game is sad the GiGi is not here. WIP




  • Mr. Glitch comes from the same code as Game and are both voiced by the same person.
  • Game often gets annoyed by the fact he is constantly called "Russian" throughout the game.


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